What We do

In the last 30 years we've worked with pretty much every type of business and have learned a thing or two along the way. But in an industry that changes as fast as this one, we've had to stay right on the cutting-edge of what's possible. The fact that we're still here means we must be doing something right.

On Screen

Let's be honest, were in this business because we want to make movies! Our team has a passion for the visual arts and the power of photography. The creative side of our business allows us to really express ourselves, but always balanced with the realities of an unforgiving business environment. We make the very best use of your money, and you'll see the results onscreen, not in our car park.

Events and Presentation

Over the years our video presentations have been used at countless exhibitions, conferences and events on video, DVD, online and onstream. We have our own team of specialists to make sure that the care put into production is always reflected on the screen. We've worked all over the world providing large video installations, live streaming, stage sound and lighting from intimate gatherings in hotels to the NEC in Birmingham or the ExCel in London.

Our Big Toolbox

3D visualisation and motion graphics, Steadicam kit and operators, Timelapse rigs, Camera cranes, jibs, and for the very latest ‘overview’ shot we’ve even got a Drone!

What we do